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Join the Westchester County Bar Association Today!


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As a WCBA member you will:
SHAPE the future of the legal profession.
EDUCATE your peers through continuing education programs.
MAINTAIN high standards for the legal community.
EXPAND your network.

Join today. Let the journey begin!


2020 WCBA Member Testimonials:

Gary B. Friedman, Esq.: "I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for the tremendous job that you and the WCBA are doing during this public health crisis. The webinars and other programs that you are offering targeted at trying to practice law in these trying terms are terrific. I don't think there is another county bar association which is providing such important, timely information to its membership. I rarely say this about any organization that I belong to but I am proud to be a member of the WCBA. Keep up the great work."

James Licata: "Speaking as a sponsor and non-legal member of the community, the Westchester County Bar Association is a welcoming association that provides excellent online legal, informational, and social experiences. During the pandemic, your 'coffee talk' was one of the first and best outreaches that personally helped me break up the social isolation and stay connected to the community. Thank you Isabel, Wendy, and the whole team for your thought leadership and mastering the nuances of electronic content distribution."

Andrea Prigot: "The WCBA has done a wonderful job with its outreach and communications during this extraordinary time."

Ruth Raisfeld, Esq.: "I want to commend the WCBA for providing true assistance to its members during the pandemic both on CLE and logistical and emotional support for members and the community. Very impressive work during this pandemic, easily demonstrating the value of membership."


Join the Lawyer Referral Service. Please download an application HERE.

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For more information about WCBA membership, please contact 914-761-3707, ext 20 or

Contributions or gifts to the WCBA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions; however, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.

Schedule of Yearly WCBA Bar Dues

   Standard Bar/Affiliate/Paralegal

 Government/Municipal/Non-Profit Employee
   (Full Time Judge, Attorney, Paralegal)

   Sustaining Member*    



   Admitted to the Bar 10+ years 


   Admitted to the Bar 10+ years


   Admitted to the Bar 5-9 years


   Admitted to the Bar 5-9 years


   Admitted to the Bar less than 5 years


  Admitted to the Bar less than 5 years


   Affiliate Non-Lawyer


   Affiliate Non-Lawyer






   Admitted to the Bar less than 1 year


   Admitted to the Bar less than 1 year







*Sustaining Membership:  The WCBA recognizes the generosity and support of sustaining members by listing their names in the Annual Banquet Journal, the Westchester Bar Journal, Westchester Lawyer Magazine’s annual sustaining member feature, and on our website. 


Networking & Professional Development Opportunities at our Events, Programs & Section/Committee Meetings

  • Discounted Membership for full-time Judges, and professionals who work in Government, Municipalities or Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Free Membership for Students & Attorneys Admitted Less than One Year.
  • Free CLE for Newly Admitted Attorneys (less than 5 years) for their first TWO years of membership. 
  • Over 50 CLE Programs Offered Annually.  For more information or to register for an upcoming program, please click HERE.
  • Build Your Practice through our Lawyer Referral Service.  Join today for access to referrals by clicking HERE.
  • Access to Members-Only Benefits.  To learn more, please click HERE.

              …and so much more!