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Red Cave Law Firm Consulting's Technology Blog Series (from CEO Jared D. Correia, Esq.)
10/19/2020: Production Value: Why and How to Incorporate Video Into Your Law Firm Marketing
With so much competition for clients, law firms are seeking any edge they can find.  Even so, many attorneys remain camera shy.  Despite the fact that video is a unique way to market a modern small business, small law firm websites that feature video remain few and far between.
But, there are a number of reasons why video can be an effective marketing tactic for your law firm.  In the first place, consumer attention spans (all attention spans, really) are becoming shorter, in part because of the way we now consume technology and media; and, video offers short snippets that are easily digestible.  Furthermore, video is a far more visceral and resonant medium than text, in much the same way that speaking with someone in-person is a far more immediate experience than receiving a letter from someone.  Creating and publishing videos can also support and extend a law firm’s content marketing platform, by offering another place to publish information.  Law firm videos could be published to a YouTube channel; and, since YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, that’s a great place to relay your expertise.
If you think the prospect of regular video production sounds daunting, however, take a small step, to start.  Record a 90-second introductory video for the front page of your website, and gauge your clients’ and leads’ responses to it.
10/14/2020: Time Out: Gaining Time by the Minute
There’s nothing like daylight savings time to get you to observe how dramatic a small shift in time becomes.  Push back one hour, and all of a sudden it’s instant winter.  People are like, ‘Wow, when did it get so dark out?’  And, hot chocolate sales start to rise.
Saving time as a business owner can have a similar effect on you.  But, instead of greeting the coming of winter, you’ll be saying things like, ‘Wow, I just got home, and it’s not even dark yet!’
For law firms, just like for any other business, change starts small; and, it’s the same thing when it comes to better managing your productivity.  There are some immediate changes you can make to your law firm that will incur massive incremental value.  So, if you buy a second monitor for your desktop, laptop or tablet, you’re eliminating many of the several seconds you spend opening and closing windows every day.  Over the course of months and years, that time adds up, and you can fill it with more high-leverage activities.  Outside of the realm of hardware, consider how creating workflows based on case types would save you time.  If you know that every single time you onboard a particular case type that you do the same ten things, create a workflow for those tasks, and set up your case management system so that all those tasks are automatically populated every time you start a new case of that type.  That sure beats creating ten separate tasks each time.
As a law firm manager, especially one who bills on an hourly basis, every hour of administrative time you reduce is an hour you can bill.  
So, what are you waiting for?
10/6/2020: Timing Is Everything: Response Time is Essential for Converting Law Firm Leads
Nobody has ever liked waiting.  But, there has never been a point in recorded history where people have liked waiting less.  Cave people, I suppose, never had the benefit of the internet and smartphones.  But, I’m not even talking about the Neanderthals; heck, people are far less patient than they were even ten years ago, since things like Netflix have pumped urgency addition up on steroids.  No one wants to wait for anything anymore, because no one has to wait for anything anymore.  Except for hiring law firms.
Despite the fact that consumers are simultaneously less patient and have more choices than ever before, attorneys still make those consumers wait.  They call; you wait to call them back.  They want engagement; you give them online forms.  They text; you ignore their texts.  Converting leads starts at first contact; and, if you’re not the first contact back, you’ve already lost the game.  Everything you do in marketing your law firm is centered around getting return on calls to actions you’ve carefully crafted as part of your marketing plan.  It doesn’t make sense to go through all of that effort and expense, and then drop the ball at the goal line.
Make sure that everything you do for client engagement is centered around immediacy.  If you cannot actively communicate with a client, figure out a way to provide immediate engagement for that client in ways that are aligned with your marketing strategy.  If you want people to call you, use a virtual receptionist service.  If you want people to text you, create an autoresponder.  If you want people to visit your website, consider a chatbot.
The old saying is that good things come to those who wait; that’s unless you’re running a law firm.