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Financial Tools
Credit Card Processor
Priority Payment Systems: Leading the Way in Payment Processing Solutions
Your endorsed credit card processor, provides members with special discounted rates and offers programs to effectively reduce accounts  receivables. Our professional clients save in excess of 20% below current industry rates. Contact us for details or if you are currently  processing, no-cost rate comparison. 
Dr. Alan Guber can be reached at 914-329-0280 or

Financial Planning
NS Capital works with individuals, families and foundations to help them achieve greater transparency in order to protect their financial interests. We are pleased to offer members of the Westchester County Bar Association complimentary access to our proprietary analytical report – Portfolio X-Ray. This comprehensive analysis provides a holistic review of your financial picture so that you are better positioned to make informed decisions.
Please contact Eric Hahn at 866-676-6002 x809 or to take advantage of this offer.

Law Practice Management Billing
Amicus Consulting, Inc.: We offer WCBA members a 20% discount on new licenses of PCLaw, Time Matters and Billing Matters – for new customers only. 

Contact Andrea Prigot at 914-738-9148.  

Payroll Service
 Paychex: WCBA Members receive 25% off Payroll Services from Paychex. 
 Please contact Lorraine M. Clark at 610-398-7518 x5150435 or