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Community Recovery Task Force -- First Responders

The Westchester County Bar Association (“WCBA”) has formed the WCBA Community Recovery Task Force (“Task Force”), which includes the First Responder Advance Directives Program to assist volunteer first responders in Westchester County to offer our thanks to those serving as volunteers in local ambulance corps, fire departments and auxiliary police departments during the COVID-19 pandemic with the free preparation of advance directives that will serve to protect you and your loved ones, including: (1) Health Care Proxy, (2) Living Will, (3) Power of Attorney, (4) Appointment of Agent for Disposition of Remains, (“Advance Directives”), and (5) Appointment of Guardian for Minor Children.


We hope that the volunteer first responder organizations will be interested in participating in the program, which will include the following process:


1.     Webinar/Seminar – WCBA Volunteers will be offering information to volunteer first responders regarding the Advance Directives through either in-person seminars at the local ambulance corps, fire departments and auxiliary police departments or through a pre-recorded webinar (please refer to the video below).  


2.     Submission of Documents – Volunteer first responders seeking to participate in this program will be required to submit two documents to the WCBA. The first is an Acknowledgement of No Attorney-Client Relationship which will confirm that while the WCBA volunteers are providing a volunteer service that will benefit those participating in the program, they will not be forming an attorney-client relationship with them. The second is a First Responder Information Sheet which the volunteer first responder will complete providing information about themselves and how they would like their Advance Directives completed. The document also provides a summary of each of the Advance Directives which will supplement the information about these documents that the volunteer first responders will receive from the webinar or seminar.  


3.     Execution – Once the documents are completed, volunteer first responder will be contacted and an appointment will be scheduled for them to appear at a designated location in Westchester County so that they may execute the Advance Directives before two witnesses who will sign that they witnessed the documents.   


On behalf of the membership of the WCBA, we thank all of our the volunteer first responders for your service to the Westchester community and hope that they will participate in this program so that they and their loved ones may be safeguarded while they work each day to protect us.


In the event that a volunteer first responder organization or individuals would like to participate in this program, please contact the WCBA at (914) 761-3707 x50 or


                                                           Very truly yours,


                                                           Wendy M. Weathers, Esq. 

                                                           WCBA President


                                                           James L. Hyer, Esq. 

                                                           WCBA President-Elect


                                                           Hon. Linda S. Jamieson

                                                           WCBA Immediate Past President


                                                           Dolores Gebhardt, Esq.

                                                           Chair, WCBA Community Recovery Task Force

                                                           WCBA Vice President


                                                           Paul Millman, Esq.

                                                           WCBA Treasurer