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History of the WCBA

The Beginning

 “On March 7, 1896, a group of lawyers met in the Supervisor’s room at the Westchester County Court House on Railroad Avenue (Main Street) in the Village of White Plains. Less than a month before, a certificate to incorporate a new orga­nization, the Westchester County Bar Association, “had been duly filed ac­cording to law.” —1996 Centennial Journal  To view a report on the WCBA's 1st Banquet from the The New York Times archive click here.

In 2016, to celebrate its 120 Anniversary, the Westchester County Bar Association published -- in its monthly magazine the Westchester Lawyer -- a series of historical articles excerpted from the 100th Anniversary Centennial Journal published in 1996. The final two articles, published in the December 2016 Magazine, How Far We have Come and Looking Forward to the Next 120 Years, one written by Past President Richard Gardella (1997-1999), the other by then new Board Member James Hyer, respectively, offer a wonderful perspective on how our future plans build on a rich historical base. We hope you are inspired by our history and energized to join us as we move forward into our next 120 years!

Please see the links below for a look back at the WCBA’s history. Enjoy!

2016-How Far We Have Come - Looking Forward to the Next 120 years