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Westchester County Bar Association Publications
Call for Submissions!
We are seeking articles that are newsworthy such as important developments in—or unique perspectives on—areas of the law that would be suitable for either Westchester Lawyer Magazine or the Westchester Bar Journal.
Articles must be well-written and appeal to attorney and affiliate members. Submissions are evaluated for clarity and originality. Please note that articles should not be published elsewhere.
Submissions for the Magazine should be 600-1200 words. 

Submissions for the Bar Journal should be 1200-4000 words.
Submission Deadlines:
Westchester Lawyer Magazine: Article ideas should be submitted at least two months prior to anticipated publication because issue content is planned two to three months in advance. Once your article is accepted, the final text is due the 1st of the month prior to publication. (i.e., January 1 for the February issue or February 1 for the March issue).
Westchester Bar Journal: We typically have a late August submission deadline. 

*Advertise with the WCBA: Advertising is available to members and non-members. For more information, please email*