Hardship Policy

Download a copy of the official WCBA Financial Hardship Policy here.

Financial Hardship Policy: 

WCBA members may apply for a discount or scholarship
to attend a program, based on financial hardship. Under this policy, any WCBA member 
who has a genuine financial hardship may apply in writing for one of three options 
in lieu of full tuition payment. 

For additional information, contact:

Fern Richter
Director of CLE, Membership & Events
(914) 761-3707, ext. 20

Obtaining Your CLE Credit - WCBA CLE Program Rules and Procedures
  1. When you enter a WCBA CLE program, you must check-in and sign-in at the registration desk, even if you have pre-registered.
  2. You will receive an Evaluation Form at the registration desk.  If you don’t have a form handed to you, please pick one up at the registration table.  It is your responsibility to fill out the form, and hand it back to the staff at the registration table, at the conclusion of the program. Return of the Evaluation Form is a PREREQUISITE to your receipt of a Certificate of Attendance at the meeting.  (WCBA is required, by NYS CLE rules, to obtain these evaluations from ALL participants attending EVERY CLE program.)
  3. At the conclusion of each program, a Certificate of Attendance will be handed to each Attendee who registered and signed in, upon receipt of the Evaluation Form.  It is the Attendee’s responsibility to secure the Certificate.  (In the mad rush to the door at the conclusion of some programs, it is physically impossible for the Registrar to ensure delivery of the Certificate.)  MAKE SURE YOU GET THE CREDIT FOR WHICH YOU CAME!! Anyone who fails to register and sign-in at a CLE program will be required to file an Affirmation of Attendance for that particular program in order to receive a CLE Certificate of Attendance, to comply with NYS CLE rules.
  4. There is an administrative fee of $10 for the issuance of a CLE Certificate at any time other than immediately subsequent to the program, This fee will apply regardless of the reason for issuance, such as if the Certificate is lost, or if the attendee failed to obtain it at the session.
  5. Pre-registration is strongly advised.  You can save money and guarantee your seat by registering early -- prior to 3 p.m., 24 hours in advance of the program.    Registration after that time, will result in an additional $10 late-fee.  Pre-registrants (who arrive on time) are guaranteed a seat and a set of course materials, and will automatically be notified if there are any changes in the date or location of a program.There is a $10 administrative fee for all walk-in  registrants. While we will do our utmost to ensure seating and materials to walk-ins, we can not guarantee them. 
  6. If you have paid for a program in advance and circumstances require cancellation, full credit will be applied to a future program, provided written notification (by mail/fax/e-mail) is received by the WCBA at least 24 hours in advance of the program.  Please be advised that because we are obligated for a minimum guarantee to all food/site providers, there will be no credit or refunds after this period.
  7. SPEAKERS at the program are not required to evaluate themselves.  They are, however, required to pick up their Certificates of Teaching at the conclusion of the program.

If you have any questions or need to discuss your needs further, please call Fern Richter at 914-761-3707, ext. 20 or e-mail to