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Resources - Fee Dispute


The Ninth Judicial District Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Resolution Program is administered through the Office of the Chief Administrative Judge.  Any attorney-client fee disputes coming within the scope of Part 137 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator will be handled through this 9th JD program.

For those of you who would like to review a copy of the Rules, you may find them online:  Both the Rules and all of the necessary forms are available there. If you have a fee dispute with a client and plan on using this arbitration process, you can call Vanessa Kanelopoulos at the Administrative Judge’s office at (914) 824-5100 for information and guidance.

They are still soliciting both attorney and non-attorney volunteers to preside over the fee dispute arbitrations. Anyone interested in participating is this program should submit his/her name, address, phone/fax and e-mail address to Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman, Ninth Judicial District, 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd, 11th Floor, White Plains, NY 10601, Attn: Fee Dispute Program.

For an attorney to qualify for appointment as a volunteer arbitrator, the attorney must meet the following criteria: (1) be admitted to the New York Bar for at least five years; (2) be engaged in the practice of law for at least three years; (3) be qualified as an arbitrator under the American Arbitration Association rules, by the Office of Court Administration or by the United States District Court through any of their arbitration programs; or (4) have completed a district-approved arbitration training program or the equivalent.

In addition to skills training, there is a mandatory orientation to the Program.  Potential arbitrators will also need to submit their resume or bio for approval.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about attorney client fee dispute arbitration, please click here for the FAQ section.