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Non-Lawyer Memberships

The WCBA has established a non-lawyer business membership program in order to foster a closer association socially and professionally between attorney members of the Bar and the non-attorney businesspeople and to promote the mutual interest of lawyers and businesses providing service to the legal profession. The WCBA provides all of its members, attorney and affiliate, with opportunities to help shape the community and maintain high standards for the legal profession. Members are kept informed by a monthly Newsletter, regular mailings, web postings, and the semi-annual publication of the Westchester Bar Journal.

Business members, in addition to the substantial list of discounts and opportunities mentioned below, are especially positioned to take advantage of WCBA Membership. Business members are welcome to join Sections and Committees and to network with attorney members at CLE and other events. They are invited to introduce themselves to various segments of the attorney membership by sponsoring CLE or events such as the Golf Outing, the Annual Banquet, the Past Presidents' Dinner, Mock Trial, Holiday Party, and other events. Sponsors are welcome to bring handouts and materials to CLEs and events and to speak for a few minutes to the assembly about their business and services, and we often run photographs of sponsors in our monthly Newsletter. Business members pay member prices for advertising in the Newsletter, Bar Journal, website, and event journals, as well as for attending CLE and events, and, of course, business members are entitled to the full list of member benefits listed below.

Business membership can help you to grow your business!  


  • More than 50 WCBA CLE Programs each year, for Free and/or at Reduced Rates
  • More than 50 Active Committees & Sections
  • A Personal Listing on the Web Site Directory & Access to Members Only pages
  • A Monthly Newsletter & Events Calendar along with a Free Subscription to the Westchester Bar Journal
  • A Means to Build your Client Base
  • Access to a GROWING List of Discounts on Services and Products including:
    • LexisNexis, NY Law Journal, Paychex Payroll Services, Atlanta Bread Company, Equinox Fitness, and more.
  • Insurance programs at group rates
  • Numerous Social Events & Activities providing Unique Networking Opportunities, including:
    • Meet the Judges Reception, Annual Banquet, Annual Meeting, Golf Outing, Happy Hour Socials


The WCBA has established a non-lawyer affiliate business membership program in order to foster a closer association socially and professionally between attorney members of the Bar and the non-attorney affiliates and to promote the mutual interest of lawyers and non-lawyers providing service to the legal profession. Any person employed in or residing in Westchester County who meets the following description is eligible to apply to be a non-lawyer affiliate business member of the Bar Association:

  1. A paralegal employed or retained by a lawyer, law firm, governmental agency or other entity.
  2. An individual employed by a lawyer, law firm, governmental agency or other entity as a law office administrator.
  3. An individual who is a title company agent, a licensed private investigator, a banker, a licensed insurance broker, agent, licensed real estate broker or salesperson or a member of another law-related occupation so approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. A certificated paralegal who is actively seeking employment as a paralegal.

Such individual shall become a non-lawyer affiliate business member of the Association after all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Proof of compliance with the above requirements.
  2. Approval of Membership Application by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors.
  3. Making the required membership dues payments.
  4. As a condition of their membership, non-lawyer affiliate business members must, when describing or referring in any way to their relationship with the Association, specifically disclose their status as a “Non-Lawyer Affiliate Business Member”.

A non-lawyer affiliate business member may join a section or committee but may not be an officer of any section or committee (except for the Non-Lawyer Affiliate Business Member Committee along with an attorney member).  A non-lawyer affiliate business member shall have all the powers and privileges of an active member of the Association except those of voting or holding office, except in connection with a duly established Non-Lawyer Affiliate Business Member Committee, or as specifically provided.

The cost of this membership is $125  per year.



The Westchester County Bar Association has established a Law Student Division to address the special needs of law students and recent graduates.  In this way, we hope to encourage law students and recent graduates to join and participate in the New Lawyers Section of the WCBA before admission to the Bar.

Any law student or recent graduate of Pace Law School or any resident of Westchester County who is enrolled in any other accredited U.S. law school may become a law student member in the WCBA by written application.  New applicants shall become law student members of the Association after the following:

  • Proof of compliance with the above-prescribed requirements.
  • Election to membership by the Board of Directors.


The WCBA offers student members many practical benefits for an annual membership FREE of charge. The Membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. The WCBA is very interested in you as a law student and invites you to participate in the professional activities of the Association.  As a student member, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • The WCBA Monthly Newsletter (online) & CLE Calendar of Events and Programs
  • Networking Program offering advice for you from experienced colleagues.
  • Insurance Programs with group rate benefits
  • Events that provide a unique opportunity to network with Bar members
  • Membership Discounts for a variety of Products & Services
  • Eligibility for WCBA Law Student Internship Program


Law student membership shall cease upon admission to the bar of any jurisdiction or upon the two-year anniversary from law school graduation, whichever event occurs first.  At that time, we hope that you will continue to be an active member of the WCBA and avail yourself of the comprehensive privileges of full membership.  Your first year of attorney membership is FREE!  JOIN TODAY!