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Mentoring Circles Sponsored by Yankwitt LLP
The WBCA is pleased to announce a new professional development opportunity -- Mentoring Circles.
Mentoring Circles is designed to serve attorney members at all stages of their career. Each Circle will include a mix of seasoned lawyers and those who are new to the legal world/a particular specialty or are in the process of establishing their own firm. Mentoring Circles can also help experienced attorneys who may need assistance with legal work or are looking to expand their business through referrals of cases.
In a traditional mentoring set up, experienced practitioners advise those with less experience one-on-one. With Mentoring Circles, each participant serves as both a mentee and a mentor, so everyone's professional development and networking skills are enhanced. The program provides members with a confidential forum, enabling the groups to focus on law practice development and management skills, building professional relationships, expanding referral networks, and engaging in substantive discussions.
If you would like to participate, please click HERE to complete your WCBA Mentoring Circles survey.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please email Michael Reed at
Thank you!
Mentoring Circles