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Sections and Committees - Lawyers in Transition Committee


For The Sole or Small Firm Practitioner Who is Retiring

The primary mission of the Committee on Law Practice Continuity is to encourage sole and small firm practitioners to plan for the management or dissolution of their law practices upon their retirement, death, or sudden inability to continue in practice.  In all of these situations, there is a critical need for procedures to be in place to protect the interests of clients and the attorney who is no longer able to practice.

A Resource Is Now Available to Assist The Sole and Small Firm Practitioner In Planning Ahead

If you have not already heard the news, there is now available an invaluable resource to assist the sole and small firm practitioner in planning ahead for retirement or inability to practice law, whether by reason of illness or other incapacity.  Prepared by the New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Law Practice Continuity, the resource is a 160 page compendium of forms and commentary entitled “Planning Ahead: Establish an Advance Exit Plan to Protect Your Clients' Interests in the Event of your Disability, Retirement or Death." (Click the link to download your free PDF.) 

Materials included in the Guide are:

Sample Agreements Appointing Another Attorney to Manage or Close Your Practice 
Special Provisions Regarding Your Practice to Include in your Will 
Sample Letters Advising Your Clients of Your Retirement or Inability to Practice Law 
Authorization Forms for Delivery of Files 
Recommended Checklists for You to Maintain to Assure a Smooth Transition 
Information and Forms on the Sale of a Practice 
References to Relevant Sections of the Code of Professional Responsibility 
Discussion on Trust/ Escrow accounts, File retention, Confidentiality of Client Files, and lots more…..