The following articles appeared in the Spring / Summer 2008 issue of the Westchester Bar Journal:

Article Author
Comparing the Rules in Three Jurisdictions:
Can Extrinsic Evidence Be Considered On A Motion To Dismiss Or To Strike
Angelo D. Tartaro, Esq. & Beverly Rogers, Esq.
The ABCs of SNTs Anthony J. Enea, Esq.
Taking Control Of The Outcome To Turn A Settlement Into A Win Andrew P. Schriever, Esq.
File Maintenance and Record Retention Does Not Have to be a Nightmare Deborah A. Scalise, Esq. and Christine Cho
Appellate Services Providers: Not Just For Printing Anymore Lisa Solomon, Esq.
Be Wary of Delegating Bank and Bookkeeping Responsibilities Presiding Justice A. Gail Prudenti
The Importance of Performing Core Title Services Jean Partridge, Esq.
Estate Litigation Tidbits Gary E. Bashian, Esq., and Michael Candela, Esq.


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